Small Business Saturday (SBS) is an event following Black Friday every year in November created and partnered by American Express. By way of email and a printed brochure, Amex helps merchants prepare for the big day with SBS merch including pens, balloons, banners and more. These communications also educate on how the merchant can prepare by letting Card Members know they accept American Express, and by promoting the use of the Shop Small Map, so Card Members may be recommended to shop with their business.

The Objective

Email 1: Deploys in October as a save-the-date to let merchants know they will be receiving a package of SBS merch grouped with a brochure informing them how to promote SBS events for their business. They are reminded to created custom decals and digital decals to ensure Card Member know they accept. This communication closes with rate messaging as a part of American Express' reasons to believe initiative for parity in 2019.

Email 2: Deploys a few days prior to SBS as a reminder with an animation of calendar pages tearing away. The merchant is met with benefit messaging to entice them to prepare for the day and continue accepting American Express. An educational illustration shows merchants how to "get ready" using social media, digital shop small badges and hashtags. Again we close with rate messaging.

Email 3: Deploys a few days after SBS as a celebratory message with data on how many people shopped small on SBS. Animated confetti adds a jubilant feel to the communication. Messaging continues to speak on the benefits of Amex partnership.

Email 4: Sent out as a personal thank you to merchants for encouraging their communities to shop small and reminding them the huge benefit of being on the Shop Small Map.